Space cadet.

So I am sitting here trying to think of a new blog. So far I have come up with nada…actually, I have a multitude of ideas but none of them will settle down long enough for me to figure out what they really are.  I hate it when I am truly lost, dazed & confused in my own brain and not because of someone else’s messed up reasoning. I begin to feel as if I really am normal afterall. Obviously I am a truly superior specimen of the human race, you know (lol). Otherwise, I wouldn’t feel compelled to preach my perfect, one of a kind opinions to the rest of you.

However, since I do accept that I live in this world with other possibly superior specimens, I am taking this opportunity to ask that these specimens of superiority donate their ideas for new blogs to me. Otherwise, I will just have to find some boring idea and hit the blah, blah, blah keys. I would really prefer to not resort to this.

Please, help. It could be your own sanity that you save. I know it will save mine.