Interaction is what makes the world go ’round!

I have noticed that quite a few people have been enjoying my opinion, but have not been leaving their own in return.

It would make it so much nicer to be able to interact with those of you who read this. That way new opinions and views can keep the content new and fresh. It would also give me new ideas for future blogs.

So, I am writing this page in the hopes that you will leave a comment about whichever blog you are reading and allow me to agree, disagree or just plain get up on my soapbox.

I am also asking you all to put your blog eddress in with your comments so that I can see what your favorite subjects are and leave comments for you.

You scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours, eh?


11 thoughts on “Interaction is what makes the world go ’round!

    • Hey!
      Thanks for visitin. I took a peak at your blog. Looks good, except that I am not a big fan of horror/mystery. I live for scifi/fantasy and was major bummed when Anne McCaffrey passed away. She wrote the first scifi book that I had ever read “The Ship Who Sang”. However, I strongly recommend that you keep on bloggin’ cause I know alot of people that like the same genre as you. If you look me up on facebook, you will find me under Echo Grotz. Friend me so we can get the word out for each other. Hugs.

  1. Yeah…I don’t blog. The most I can muster is an occasional post on FB about stuff that comes to mind..usually in regards to politics or my distaste for religion. But I’ve liked a couple of your posts.

  2. I left a comment but lost connection. When you came home we agreed Echo was a good name, especially when hungry. lol Very good article. Have you tried posting on other sites like gretawire or breitbart to get some name recognition? Take care.

    • This is why i want people to leave their comments. If you left this one then obviously you know how to leave one. See if you can get your friends and family, coworkers and neighbors to visit and leave a comment. Then we can really get going on all sorts of topics. Please let them know that smartalecs are welcome. As you should already know. hugs.

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