Hypocrites Anonymous!

Aw, screw it! I refuse to be anonymous!!!!

Hi. My name is Echo and I am a hypocrite.

That’s right. I have no problems admitting that I suffer from Opinionated Hypocrite Syndrome.

Sadly, there is no cure for O.H.S. It is an illness that is a permanent part of living, learning, relearning and aging.

The symptoms of OHS are:

  1. inability to keep your mouth shut when you observe stupidity/ignorance.
  2. continually changing your mind/opinion each time you learn new information about a previously held belief.
  3. (this is a big one) refusal to accept other peoples irrational thoughts, feelings or behaviors. (Of course, we do expect them to accept ours. Duh! We’re hypocrites!!!).

Since there is no permanent cure for this illness, it behooves those of us that are afflicted with this disorder to enjoy every moment that we can. This is a terminal illness that can last for more than 70 years (depending on how long you live). This illness has also been found to interfere with some peoples’ livelihoods, marriages, friendships and other human-human interactions. OHS has caused people to lose everything, and yet in some situations has caused people to gain more than they had before.

Also, this disorder is not accepted by the government as a legitimately destructive type of disability. Therefore, those of us with extreme cases are not allowed to stay away from the rest of society for both our safety and the safety of the general public. We are forced onto the public, told to learn to get along with others, and generally treated as though we are making up our symptoms. As if anyone out there wants to be treated like they are lower than whaleshit just because they speak their minds. Get Real.

Therefore, I have decided that this blog page is now the home of Hypocrites Extraordinaire!

Please be sure to state your name and your severity of your OHS symptoms, what issues have come up in your life because of OHS and how you have been forced to cope with these issues. Also, if you are comfortable, please add your age. This will let those who need the reassurance that OHS strikes at all ages.

My goal for this page is to provide an outlet for OHS sufferers, by allowing them to just rant about whatever it is that irked them during the day, the last hour or even by what they have read in the previous posts or comments.

The First rule is that NO ONE TAKES ANYTHING SAID HERE PERSONAL!!!!! If you are incapable of laughing at yourself and situations in general, then don’t bother commenting. Feel free to visit as often as you like, but know that your first comment on this page leaves you wide open to other peoples’ hypocritical responses. (Does the phrase “Open Season” ring any bells with you?)

The Second rule is that these types of comments can only be posted on this page of the blog. Attacks on comments for other blog posts are not allowed unless you are posting to this page only. Try to keep names out of it. Try starting with “Someone commented on “BLOG” and I had a sudden flair up of OHS, so I came here to say……” That way, those of us that don’t suffer from OHS will have a buffer from our cattiness  I don’t want to lose my other followers, if you get my drift!!!    >:\

Otherwise, rant away. I know that I will. And who knows, maybe this will help you control your OHS when you are stuck out in public and have little choice about controlling your symptoms.

I know it helps me.


2 thoughts on “Hypocrites Anonymous!

    • When I say hypocrite, I am talking about those nasty little thoughts that pop into our heads when we see someone doing something that we think is stupid, even though there may be a legitimate reason for their behavior that we don’t know about. These thoughts are generally in the realm of “You wouldn’t catch me wearing that” or “I would never do anything like that”. What causes these types of thoughts is the conflict between the belief that we are perfect and the reality that we are not. I realize that the true definition of Hypocrisy is very negative, but I am using the term in a humorous way to allow people to vent their pent up irritations with the vagaries of the real world. It doesn’t matter if the venting is not P.C., it just matters that they be able to get their gripes off their chest so that they can relieve that inner pressure. I am quite sure that you have had thoughts like this, but are nice enough to not spout them out to the public. We are human, we all have them, we all try to control them, but sometimes ya just gotta dump them out for the world to see without being ostracized by the society that you live in.

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