My Progress With Online Employment So Far


The last time you all heard from me, I was looking for work. I was focusing mainly on the internet, but was starting to look at outside work as well. Guess what? No luck in either direction. Gee, go figure.

Jobs that were open for outside of the home do not fit my skills, education level or disability limitations. Jobs on the internet are either non-legitimate, do not fit my skills, education level or disability limitations. On top of all that, those online that I could accept require a PayPal account. No big deal, right? NOT!! My bank account does not allow linkage with PayPal. And, those internet jobs don’t pay in other formats.

What does all of this mean? I am screwed!!! I have looked into doing surveys, focus groups and other “make work”, only to run into the above mentioned issues. In addition, the majority of surveys & focus groups that I have “pre-qualified” & “qualified” for end up shutting me down because my answers within the survey itself did not fit the demographics they were looking for. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I thought that they were looking for OPINIONS! I am a very opinionated person. Just because I don’t work for a certain company, have thousands of dollars as income or read certain magazines does not invalidate my opinion about their services or products. I am an intelligent person capable of making up my mind about a multitude of services, products, political issues, social issues, etc. You would think that survey companies would set up their agent databases to rank each person into specific demographics and then send surveys that are specific to that demographic only.

In my opinion, companies that are looking for opinions should accept all demographics and then order the results in a manner that shows which demographic is more interested or least interested in their service or product. This way, they would get the most statistic bang for their buck.

As for all of these survey companies that only offer drawing entries, reward points, or other non-cash payouts, I only have one thing to say – fooey on you. Minimum wage in this country is now $7.25 per hour. Why should I spend 39 minutes of my time filling out a survey for companies that don’t want to pay me what my time is worth according to the United States government. Same goes for the companies that do pay cash, but you only get $.01 to $.10 per survey. WTF!!! When did slavery become legal in this country again???

Speakin of slavery, have any of you looked into Mturk or other micro-tasking websites? I mean really! Why are American citizens allowing this kind of slave wage employment to continue? Added to this insult are websites like Odesk. Why should I have to bid for work, let alone bid against people from other countries that bid so low no one from a higher income country can ever win the bid?

So, how do we end this downward spiral of pay? There are a few ways that I can see.

A.  Companies like Odesk, Mturk, etc. should start dividing their websites by country. If your company is in Australia, then you can only accept bids from Australian citizens. Ditto for other countries. End this excessive rush for outsourcing. I understand that compaines have a bottom line, and kudos for those that think they are helping underpriviledged countries get a better income level for their people, but outsourcing has one particular pitfall that I feel is being ignored, overlooked or misunderstood. What happens to the people in their own countries that are unemployed because of all the outsourcing? If the people that you are aiming your services and products at don’t have an income, then THEY CAN’T PURCHASE YOUR PRODUCT OR SERVICE!!!!!!!!!! It doesn’t take a genious like Steven Hawkins to figure this out. And yet, there is a massive movement within the business AND political environment to promote outsourcing.

B. Survey companies in general should only be allowed to pay cash that is compensitory with the minimum wage of the country that the agent lives in. This means, that if I (an American) take a survey that lasts 10 minutes, then I should be paid $1.20 for my time and effort. If the survey lasts 39 minutes, then I should get $4.71. If it only lasts 1 minute, then I should get $0.12. If you divide your country’s minumum wage by 60, then you will get your per minute amount. You can then multiply that by however many minutes each survey takes to get what you should have been paid for that particular survey. They get paid multi-millions of dollars every year to provide this service to every company out there that utilizes them. Why shouldn’t we get our fair share for taking the time out of our lives to provide them with the information that they need?

C. All companies, whether via internet or physical presence, should have to have alternate forms of payout. Not all countries allow PayPal or other types of Internet Payment Accounts.  I should have the option of accepting direct deposit, prepaid credit or gift cards or check by mail no matter what company I accept work from. This includes payouts via third party companies like Mturk or survey sites. I should also be able to get this type of payout FREE. Why should I pay part of my hard earned income just because your company is too money hungry to accept my payment preference. It’s not like they can’t deduct the cost of supplies from their taxes or something. Sheesh, get a clue.

These are just some of the changes that I feel should be made in today’s employment practices. I know that there are multitudes of other changes that could or should be made, but can’t bring them to mind right at this moment.

Please feel free to add your insights and comments to the list. Hell, maybe if I get enough suggestions, I might just send a petiton to the government requiring those changes. Of course, even if I do, the government would take so long debating the issue that we would all be dead and dust before anything got done. Don’t laugh, this is most likely true.

I hope that you have enjoyed, understood and sympathized with this blog. Let me know how things are going for you.


6 thoughts on “My Progress With Online Employment So Far

  1. Ugh! Times are HARD! It took 6 months (plus) to get a position in fast food, which I absolutely hate but must go to with a smile on my face for fear of what’s worse!
    The things I have to do at work are degrading to me, at my age & education level.
    I’ve taken thousands of online surveys & have NEVER been compensated for a minute. What am I gonna do? Sue? They know nobody will. I tried for a position with a company where I could use my phone & computer at home to do customer service work, and after jumping through fire engulfed hoops… their final step to be accepted for the position was to send them money?!? WTH, right?
    No. I didn’t do it. If I had that kind of money to throw away, I wouldn’t have been applying.
    I’ve come to realize that every online ‘job’ is a scam of one color or another. You are absolutely right, who can afford to pay to be paid? It’s illogical. Greedy companies get away with being greedy because people are letting them. Gladly spending $20.00 of their spouses income in order to ‘earn’ $3.17 a month, so they can feel like they’re contributing to the household. SMH
    Wow! I’m sorry! I went off on a rant of my own. I didn’t realize until I looked up and saw a novel being produced! Haha!

    Good luck in your quest for work. Have you tried writing & submitting? You enjoy writing, and you can submit short stories all over! Some pay per word, some pay per story. You wont get rich, but you’ll enjoy it. I am a horror fan, and I saw a site called The Horror Tree, it collects all calls for submissions & posts them in one place. Ok, not ALL – but you know what I mean. They post the idea, and they tell you – in advance – what the pay is.
    It’s just a random thought I had right before typing my goodbyes. I’m not affiliated with any of that.

    Again, good luck in your quest for work!
    P, L, & N

    • I feel what yer sayin! Why should persons of maturity have to suffer the indignities that teenagers won’t even put up with? Sadly, I may end up in the same situation. I don’t know how long it will last, cause of my disabilities, but they can only arrest me for excessive noise (at the top of my lungs). I would like to check out the writing/submitting, but I have never done very well creating for a specific reason. As you may have noticed, I write what I think. If I was asked to write about something specific, I may end up hurting their feelings. I also am not a big fan of “doing my homework”. It reminds me too much of being in school and writing reports and essays (YECH!).

      Now, if I can find someone to pay me for the blogs that I have already written + more of the same (as in opinionated), then I would be high on the hog. Shoot! I could probably bring in a cool $Million or so every year! (LOLOLOLOL)

      If you happen to know of any places that are looking for blogger like me, I would greatly appreciate a heads up.

      As for “ranting on your own”, PLEASE DON’T STOP!


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